A few of the best football-related sites on t’interweb.

Dispatches From A Football Sofa – a blog so entertaining and well-written you’d never guess it was the work of a Tottenham fan.

Guardian Sport – in my view the best mainstream sport website around. Home to great writers such as Daniel Taylor and Barney Ronay as well as ‘the Secret Footballer’.

Zizou: The Scientist (miniboro.com)

Mini Boro – an unparalleled mix of football and art, with work on subjects ranging from Zinedine Zidane (right) to Carlos Valderrama. A particular favourite of mine is the ‘Johan Cruyff – My Turn’ piece.

HTFC World – welcome to match reporting as you’ve never seen it before: this site details Huddersfield Town’s fixtures through the medium of cartoon. Unique and thoroughly entertaining.

In Bed With Maradona – you’d be hard pressed to find a team or country not covered in this wonderfully-named footballing bible. The current homepage, for example, takes you from behind the Soviet Union’s iron curtain, through Minsk, Kiev and Tbilisi, to arrive at destinations like Bogotá, Mallorca and Shanghai. An immense site.

On Goals Scored – this collection of brilliantly useless football infographics will have you interested for literally tens of minutes.

Run of Play – simply superb football writing.

Twisted Blood – seldom updated but constantly funny: the site’s archives – and in particular the ‘gardening leave’ series – are well worth wasting your time on.

Who Ate All The Pies? – for the footballing stories you may have missed. Think Zlatan Ibrahimović on rollercoasters, PSV playing a team of Thai prisoners and Karim Benzema singing Christmas carols.


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